About Us


Dream Team Enterprises provides a complete range of support services to the government, and to Fortune 1000 companies in Defense, Oil & Gas, Mining, NGOs, as well as other enterprises such as medical and hospitality industries. 

We pride ourselves in being responsible, caring, time sensitive and supportive in the most challenging times and regions. Our past performance in delivering robust and reliable solutions in highly volatile environments has built us a reputation that is second to none. 

All of our Customers know that when Dream Team is handling a project in any setting, it will tackle any challenge in that environment no matter the circumstances and on-time delivery is guaranteed. 

Our Customers range from different Local Government and civil agencies, State and other schools.  Dream Team's clients attest to the quality and ownership that Dream Team and its staff have shown in the projects.

        Be partners in success; “JOIN US”

Dream Team understands the dynamics of supply chain.

In today’s fast paced marketplace, enterprises require the best and most efficient supply chain services while keeping overhead and cost down. Dream Team addresses this market requirement by offering to become an extension of their Procurement Department and work hand in hand with their team to do what may seem impossible to do. Procurement Managers and Contracting Officers who have worked with Dream Team's Supply Chain Services staff know first-hand that Dream Team's staff are professional, knowledgeable, responsive, and collaborative. 

Our staff work as if they are working for our client’s Procurement organization. We study the requirements, bring issues, help find answers to challenges, and once the requirement is finalized, we get it done with time and cost as our measure of performance. We help improve efficiency, reduce cost, and increase operational readiness. Dream Team's clients rely on us to supply the products they need in-line with the mission requirements. 


We know what it takes to deliver under tight schedules and in harsh environments when security, quality, and safety is of paramount importance. 

Our supply chain services go where our clients go, and we have created a capable network of international manufacturers and distributors for each product category.

Dream Team Enterprise's experienced supply chain experts have been building our supply chain from the ground up. We stock over items that include industrial supplies, military and tactical gear, medical supplies, office products, food service equipment, appliances and electronics, and building and construction material through our network of procurement partners and their distribution centers. 

Dream Team's supply chain consists of the most reliable and recognizable brands in the world.